Despite struggling with a knee injury Trevor soldiered on, along with health and fitness guru, cum caddy, Roger, and he managed a truely remarkable score of 39 points, beating Alan Callaghan on the count back. Unlucky Al!

This truely remarkable score has to be attributed to Roger's skill and determination, which even extended to sharing the same double room at the local Travel Lodge. With frequent massages before the event Trevor said "it is going to be hard but I'll manage". Need I say more!

Also, a very well done to Al Cal for matching Trevor's score. We could ask Roger to help you next time! And well done Julian, not just the Nearest The Pin Winner, but also the Longest Drive.

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The Kiwi Cup
The Kiwi Cup

Winner - Trevor Thomas
Leon presents the Kiwi Cup


Longest Drive - Julian Collins


Last Place - Dicky Bird


Nearest the Pin - Julian Collins