Welcome to Old Edmontonians Golf Society

July 2020 Tour Weekend Update

Results:   July 2019 Tour Weekend Results

Results:   October 2019 Kiwi Cup

Who Are We?

Old Edmontonians Golf society was formed in the early nineties by a group of like minded golfers, who wanted to get away from their wives and try different golf courses around the country.

The society holds two annual events; the Annual Tour and the Kiwi Cup. We also organise a few "informal" rounds to keep in touch with one another. All society members are informed of upcoming events and invited to attend if they wish.

Your Handicap

Each golfer has a handicap set by the Golf Course that they are a member of, or by our infamous leader Trevor Thomas. During the Annual Tour event handicaps are recalculated each round based on the following rules.

The Rules

Winner of any round - cut one shot.
Score more than 36 - cut one shot.
Score over 40 - cut three shots
Winner and score more than 36 - cut two shots.
Score less than 30 - one shot back.

The Prizes

When finishing a round each golfer returns their score-card with their Stableford points clearly shown and signed by both the player and the marker to the organisaer of the event, usually Trevor! He's good at that sort of thing.

The round winner is the person with the highest stableford points for that round. Prizes are also awarded each round for the longest drive and nearest the pin on the specified holes.

The Annual Tour consists of three rounds and there are prizes for each round, as indicated above and an overal winner.

The Tote

To make things a little more interesting a Tote is run for each round. Each player places £1 on themselves and £1 on the player that they think is most likely to win. They can, if they wish, place more than £2 on the tote to cover more players and enhance their chance of winning. Obviously, this excludes themselves. The tote pool is then distributed evenly between the players based on a £1 stake.

2s Club

There is also a "2's Competition during each round. Each person pays £1 to enter. The pool is then divided between all players who score a 2 on any hole of their round. If nobody scores a 2, the pool rolls over to the next day.